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Intersection of NFTs, Commerce
And Deflationary Currency

Luxury Ledger is a Google and Techstar’s winning startup that captures digital provenance for art, collectibles and luxury valuables. We started our journey developing enterprise supply chain solutions with IBM and we believe consumer applications for NFTs and decentralized commerce is the future. Our NFT marketplace is launching soon.

the luxury ledger solution

Implement a blockchain-powered ecosystem for
global luxury and digital assets

  • NFTs verify asset

  • Share data securely
    in real time

  • Reduce friction, fraud,
    intermediaries and disputes

the luxury ledger Network

Next-generation enterprise and consumer infrastructure: a cost saving, trust-increasing, anti-counterfeit network that brings together manufacturers, retailers, insurers and consumers 


Optimizes supply-chain processes to establish a single record of provenance from brands to consumers.

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Physical+Digital Asset Registry

Unique, immutable digital identities for physical assets stored on the blockchain backed by non-fungible ERC-721 tokens.

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Ensures, trust, transparency and authenticity in global B2B, B2C and C2C commerce.

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Global Market Size and Validation

Counterfeit presents a serious threat to global commerce costing
organization billions of dollars annually.

  • $


    Annual revenue in the
    global luxury and retail market 

  • $


    Annual loss due to
    physical counterfeiting

  • $


    Lost annually to fraudulent
    insurance claims

Global Commerce Needs Help 

  • 1

    and are constant concerns for brands and consumers alike in the luxury and retail space.

  • 2

    and erode consumer confidence, leading to the rise of a counterfeiting industry. 

  • 3

    These issues are exacerbated by provenance data that is and to compile due to inadequate systems.

Cross-industry applications

Luxury Ledger's protocol mitigates the risks of counterfeiting and fraud across a number of verticals

  • Precious gems

  • Wine

  • Luxury Goods

  • Fine art

  • Collectibles

Techstars Startup Weekend Winner

We truly got Luxury Ledger started when we were named a winner at Techstars' Startup Weekend NYC: Blockchain Edition!

Luxury Ledger Network
Mitigates the Following Risks

Luxury Ledger's ecosystem is designed to mitigate all the familiar criminal activities of luxury commerce

  • Counterfeiting

  • Diverted

  • Stolen

  • Fraudulent

Blockchain Technology
Built For Enterprise

Luxury Ledger is focused on highly secure, modular and scalable enterprise blockchain deployments. We help organizations integrate blockchain-backed, data-centric solutions to strengthen their existing supply chains. Enhanced security and privacy is delivered using Intel SGX and IoT Gateway technologies. Luxury Ledger's Network enables enterprises to connect records of authenticity to luxury and retail goods at every level from enterprise to consumer.


Data sits in silos with
limited interoperability

the future

Data sits in a secure,
auditable shared blockchain layer

Competitive advantages

  • easy

    Leverages current supply
    chain systems

  • open-source

    Flexibility, security and
    robust community

  • scalable

    Across luxury and
    retail verticals 

  • first to

    In global luxury and
    retail commerce

Benefits of Blockchain-Backed Commerce

  • trust

    Consensus and assurance in every verified transaction, without intermediaries 

  • transparency

    Verified users can view and audit the blockchain's data under secure conditions at any time

  • speed

    Updates instantaneously all around the world, allowing real-time data sharing

  • security

    Cryptography and immutability prevent data interception, modification & deletion

  • reduced friction

    A constantly verified pool of data facilitates dispute resolution


Why Use Luxury Ledger? 

Our comprehensive blockchain solution streamlines enterprise and consumer processes to deliver trust, transparency and authenticity at every stage of the process.

  • Mitigate financial, reputation and social losses from counterfeiting and fraud
  • Improve & modernize supply-chain management
  • Increase consumer confidence and engagement

  • Guaranteed, verifiable authenticity in a wide range of goods ensures trust and eases resale
  • Digital collectibles experience with Proof of Provenance certificates
  • Enhanced personalized experience, brand engagement and product discounts

Initial Decentralized Offering

  • LXRY is the utility token that powers Luxury Ledger's NFT platform
  • LXRY is a data bonded token that uniquely identifies physical and digital assets
  • LXRY is the Official Currency of Authenticity in our decentralized marketplace
  • Leveraging blockchain's token distribution model to build a robust community of early adopters

Token Distribution

Total Supply : 8M

Symbol : LXRY

Token sale starts in






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Luxury Ledger Demo

We built an enterprise blockchain solution that digitizes current business networks and supply chains. Blockchain networks hold tremendous power in their ability to enhance data integrity, promote transaction and settlement efficiency, and boost network security. Brands, retailers, insurers and consumers benefit from guaranteed provenance as well as reduced friction, fraud, counterfeiting and operating costs as part of Luxury Ledger Network.

Technology Partners

We are excited to leverage our partners' enterprise solutions to further help Brands and consumers adopt blockchain backed commerce.

Meet our team

Discover the passion, expertise, and wide-ranging experience of our team and advisors

bobby singh

Founder & CEO

Boston Consulting Group, Barclays UBS, Societe Generale

kurt wedgwood

Chief Advisor

IBM North America Blockchain Leader for Retail & Consumer Goods

rob williams


RSM Capital Partners, Harvard MBA

evan pancis

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Tech Infrastructure

Roger Osorio

Advisor, Executive Strategy and Coaching

IBM, Startup Weekend Facilitator, University of Pennsylvania Faculty

Finbar Sheehy


Mc.Kinsey & Company, AB Bernstein, Caltech Ph.D.

andrew fiorentino

PR & Marketing 

Optymyze, RotoWire, Zagster

Davis Yates

Sales & Marketing

DoorDash, ForUsAll